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did most of this yesterday.  Moving on to other stuff, since I need to practice speed.


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Mostly been doing 2D work for the past week or so.  Some for a project that I can’t share details about yet, some for another project that I’m working on with my friend Nathan, and then something for me. While applying to jobs. Weeeeee. Oh and Mass Effect. 😀

Still working on Shepard’s face. That angle is giving me fits. Good thing I found a reference model. Second picture is a paint over for the Little City project I’m working on with Nathan. Check out his blog for maps and his level design notes. We’ve discussed concept art, which is what I’m going to be cranking out for a while, so watch for some of it here. It’s going to be a good chance for me to practice speed painting again.

… I really like painting skies…..

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Decided to start working on higher poly stuff, since I need the practice.  So, instead of starting out nice and easy I decided to dive right in with something complicated that would cause me hours of grief.

Way back when I was working on Alpha Lounge with my advanced game design group at chico state, I came up with a tiki version of Manny Calevara from Grim Fandango.   We were hoping to have homages to games in the background graphics, and I was playing Grim Fandango at the time.

That and he was super cute.

Sadly we didn’t get to use him as an asset, but I kept the idea.  So!  Big ass tiki statue of Manny for the UDK tiki lounge!

Obviously not any where finished.  But I’m excited with where he’s going.

I’d been struggling yesterday and part of today with making him in Maya first (should have used Max, but the results would have been the same).  Since I was getting frustrated and couldn’t figure out how the poly flow needed to be, I decided to just start sculpting him in a digital sculpting program.  I’m a clay person, so at times modeling programs can be frustrating, since I know WHAT I want to do but can’t seem to articulate that into polygons.  Especially when I want my mesh to be clean.  At the very least this gives me an idea of how I want my edge flow to go, and I can work backward from there.  Need to watch more high poly modeling tutorials.

Anyway, the program I’m sculpting Manny in right now is http://www.sculptris.com/ a FREE sculpting program.  It’s not a Mudbox/Zbrush replacement, but it gets the job done VERY well.  It’s in beta right now, so there’s some bugs to go along with it, but nothing too bad right now.  Just gotta make sure you save your work often.  It exports/imports .obj, so getting it into/out of modeling programs isn’t too painful.

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Tiki bar

Figured I’d update with some of the digital stuff I’m doing.  This project is something I’m working on with a friend, both as a way of generating portfolio pieces and just to have a project to work on.  We both work better when we’re working towards something, instead of just making random stuff.

So, the project!  Tiki bar/lounge!  It’s actually something I’d wanted to do for another project, but we ran out of time.  It’s now become an art project, instead of part of a game project.  I’ve been building the space in UDK, creating tiling textures, etc. to get it established and ready to start filling with STUFF.  I’ve got a couple screen shots and then some of the concept art I’ve done to help figure out how this space would look.

shot of the lobby area and main floor from where the 'front door' will be.

shot of the tiling textures i've made so far (on the wall), the bottom one is a basket weave wtih normal & specular maps. the top is a test to see how bamboo panels would look on the walls. That's going to be edited to be a little wider. both 512 maps

this has changed a bit, since a brain storming session. but it gives you an idea of what we're shooting for.

i love this door frame idea

More coming as the project progresses

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