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beer bottles

bad lab labels

For my next trick I’ll get off my ass and buy Marmoset so I can take proper beauty shots. Though I do like showing how things look straight from the engine. (cryengine 3)

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more chest updates


Sculptris crashing was my reason for finally stopping…

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Update 3 – Final

Wee hoo.  larger size too.

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update 2

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Been far too long since I’ve done this.  Feels good.
Return of the circus colors.



In other news, I’m intensely disliking the new wordpress set up.  It’s also laggy as freaking HELL when trying to backspace.  Not a fan.

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Really need to get better at this whole “posting art” thing.  At least I have something to offer:


Recently drove though New Mexico. The only think I could think while staring at seemingly endless plains of nothing but scrub brush and sky was:

1) It looked like Red Dead Redemption

2) It also looked like Fallout: New Vegas

After discussing this with my friend (who was driving with me) we decided this would be a likely sight.  And since there were occasionally cows out there; Cow King.

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