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did most of this yesterday.  Moving on to other stuff, since I need to practice speed.


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Mostly been doing 2D work for the past week or so.  Some for a project that I can’t share details about yet, some for another project that I’m working on with my friend Nathan, and then something for me. While applying to jobs. Weeeeee. Oh and Mass Effect. 😀

Still working on Shepard’s face. That angle is giving me fits. Good thing I found a reference model. Second picture is a paint over for the Little City project I’m working on with Nathan. Check out his blog for maps and his level design notes. We’ve discussed concept art, which is what I’m going to be cranking out for a while, so watch for some of it here. It’s going to be a good chance for me to practice speed painting again.

… I really like painting skies…..

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Speed paint, haven’t done it in a while  3 hours in photoshop.

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