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back on the bandwagon

and with more tiki


In other news:

1) it’s getting cold.

2) currently working two jobs.  still with Staples, and now helping out KEET tv (local PBS station) with their holiday auction.   Hooray for temporary full time!  gives me motivation to get home and make models and what not.

3) The claptrap is stained, and covered with little bits and bobs.  Was given the lens from a busted binocular that is the PERFECT SIZE for the claptrap lens/eye.  Also located an R/C store in town that will more than likely have the size of tires i need.  It’s coming along, though now i REALLY want to put a blue LED in it.


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And a rug.

I rather like this rug.

And the shields.  And Manny.  Cause Manny’s awesome.  More to come.

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Gone Fishin’

Got a lot of stuff done today, including modeling!  The tiki bar is starting to fill out finally, especially since I’m making a lot more stuff for the walls now.

I’m totally digging on this sailfish.  It’s gonna look sweeeeeet when i’m done with it.

couple quick models to help fill out the lobby more.  made two shields today (one shown here) that I’m planning on making two textures apiece for.  So 4 shields to help fill things up.  The spears can go just about anywhere.  Same with the rug on the floor, seeing that herringbone pattern all the time was tiring on the eyes and needed to be broken up.  The door is from yesterday, just needs trim around it.

There’s a few more models I want to make: a paddle, a curved kind of table for the lobby, and some tiki masks.  But I think that tomorrow is going to be focusing on getting all of the models I currently have textured, before making more.  I’ve got quite a list.

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well, tiki heads. forgot i didn’t post stuff i’d been working on before the computer took a nose dive.

This one’s rainas, but i had to show off how awesome it looks.  Ignore the fact that the thumbnail is tiny, wordpress was having issues uploading the bigger version.

We recently moved to the July version of UDK, which for some reason made all of our lights cast more dynamic shadows.  Darker blacks, brighter highlights.  Raina’s been playing with it while my computers been inoperable.  I’m back to modeling now though, and happy to find that I haven’t forgotten how to use Max in the mean time.

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Tiki Props

Figured out what I wanted to do above the bar.  Much happier with this solution as opposed to the grass hut panels.

Leaves the area a little more open, while still fencing it off.  It also makes pretty neat patterns on the ceiling (when the BSP has a high lightmap resolution anyway).  Getting to the point where I can make a cube map for the mirrors on the back shelves.  Right now I’m working on a fishing net to hang from the ceiling in places.  After that I think I’ll be moving on to the lobby area, where there needs to be seating & a big fancy door.

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Tiki Manny!

Pretty much done.  Might do some tweeks after getting some feedback, but for the most part he’s done.

Looks pretty good with a normal/spec map!  I’m happy with his chunky-ness, he looks pretty close to a carved tiki with some stained paint.

This’ll be going on my website soon along with the normal/spec maps.

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I’m so stoked.  Lovin’ the way Manny’s coming out.   After spending most of the day uv’ing him (hands were a pain) I’ve got base texture & an AO bake on him.

Found that quadrupling the size of the base mesh and using it and the low poly version in xnormal gave me much nicer AO maps.  I’m still going to need to edit it, but it’s a lot less than I would have previously.

Texture is going to be a light ‘wash’ of color.  Since Manny is bone white in a white smoking suit.  I still want that wood grain to show through.  A normal map is REALLY going to make him shine.  I’ll probably use the same high poly obj to render out the normal from, then combine that with some detail work in Photoshop.  Can’t. Wait.

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